[New Model]  
    L-37   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
    L-50 (1959)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
    Robot Guitar   [Upload Pic]
    Unknown Model!   [Upload Pic]
   B.B. King
      [New Model]  
       B.B. King Lucille (ARLC)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       B.B. King Standard   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       B.B. King Super Lucille (ARLS)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
   Barney Kessel
      [New Model]  
       Barney Kessel   [Upload Pic]
       Barney Kessel Custom   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       1959 Byrdland Reissue   [Upload Pic]
       Byrdland   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Byrdland Florentine   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       ES 335   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Firebird VII non-reverse White   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Firebird VII Vintage Sunburst   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Flying V Antique Gold   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul 57 Black Beauty 3PU   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Classic Gold Top   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Special DC Heritage Cherry   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Standard Vintage Sunburst   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
   Chet Atkins
      [New Model]  
       CA Country Gentleman   [Upload Pic]
       CA Super 400   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       CA Tennessean (ARCT)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       CS-336   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       CS-355   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       CS-356   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Lee Roy Parnell CS-336   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       EDS 1275   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Jimmy Page Signature Doubleneck   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       ES Artist   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-100   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-120T   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-125   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-125T   [Upload Pic]
       ES-130   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-135   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-135 Gothic   [Upload Pic]
       ES-135 Ltd   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-137   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-140   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-140T   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-150   [Upload Pic]
       ES-150DC   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-150TDW   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-165 Herb Ellis   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-175   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-175 P-90   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-175D   [Upload Pic]
       ES-225T   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-295   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-300   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-320TD   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-325TD   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-330T   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-330TD   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-333   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-335 Alvin Lee Signature   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-335 Dot   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-335 Gothic   [Upload Pic]
       ES-335 Larry Carlton Signature   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-335 Studio   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-335TD   [Upload Pic]
       ES-335TD Reissue (ESDT)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-336   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-339   [Upload Pic]
       ES-340TD   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-345TD   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-346   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-347   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-347TD   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-350   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-355TD/TD-SV   [Upload Pic]
       ES-369   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-446S   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-5 3P   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-5 Alnico   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-5 SwitchMaster   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-5P   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       ES-775   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       Explorer '83   [Upload Pic]
       Explorer Pro   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       X-Plorer   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       X-Plorer Gothic   [Upload Pic]
       X-Plorer New Century   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       X-Plorer Pro   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       X-Plorer Studio   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       X-Plorer Voodoo   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       Firebird III   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Firebird Studio   [Upload Pic]
       Firebird V   [Upload Pic]
       Firebird VII   [Upload Pic]
   Flying "V"
      [New Model]  
       Flying V   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Flying V 2nd reissue   [Upload Pic]
       Flying V Faded   [Upload Pic]
       Flying V Faded 3-Pickup   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Flying V II   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Flying V New Century   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Gothic V   [Upload Pic]
       V-Factor Faded   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       V-Factor New Century   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       V-Factor X (Flying V)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Voodoo V   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
   Howard Roberts
      [New Model]  
       Howard Roberts Artist   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Howard Roberts Custom   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Howard Roberts Fusion III (ARFU)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
   L-4, L-5, L-6, Super V CES & Le Grande
      [New Model]  
       L-4 CES Custom   [Upload Pic]
       L-5 CES   [Upload Pic]
       L-5 CT   [Upload Pic]
       L-5 Signature   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       L-5 Studio   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       L-6 S Deluxe   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       L-7C   [Upload Pic]
       Le Grand   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Le Grande (HSLGGH)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Super V CES   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Wes L-5   [Upload Pic]
   Les Paul
      [New Model]  
       2002 Les Paul Special   [Upload Pic]
       Ace Frehley Signature   [Upload Pic]
       Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Black Beauty 1979   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Custom Black Beauty 1957 Reissue   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       DC Pro   [Upload Pic]
       Deluxe   [Upload Pic]
       Gary Moore Signature   [Upload Pic]
       HD 6X PRO Digital Les Paul   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Jimmy Page Signature   [Upload Pic]
       Joe Perry Signature   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul BFG   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Classic   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Classic Antique   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Classic Custom   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Classic DC   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Classic Premium Plus   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Custom (1976)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Custom 20th Anniversary (1974)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Custom Plus   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul DC Standard   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul DC Studio   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Deluxe   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Deluxe (30th Ann.)   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Faded Doublecut   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Gem Series   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Goddess   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Goldtop DeLuxe   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Gothic   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul GT   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Junior   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Junior Special   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Junior Special - Humbuckers   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Junior TV   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Melody Maker   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Menace   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Smartwood Exotics   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Smartwood Studio   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Special   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Special DC   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Special New Century   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Special SL   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Special TV   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Special with Humbuckers   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Standard   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Standard Doublecut +   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Standard Faded   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Standard Limited Edition   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Standard Lite   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Standard Mahogany   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Standard Plus   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Standard Premium +   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Standard Sparkle finish   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Studio Alpine White   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Studio Limited   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Studio Lite   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Studio Plus   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Studio Premium Plus   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Swamp Ash Studio   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Vixen   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Les Paul Voodoo   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       LP Custom   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       LP Warren Hayes   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Spotlight Special   [Upload Pic]
       Studio   [Upload Pic]
       Studio Platinum   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Supreme   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       The Paul SL   [Upload Pic]
       Ultima   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       M-III All American   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       M-III Deluxe   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       M-III H Deluxe   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       M-III H Standard   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       M-III Standard   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       M-III Stealth   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       M-IV S Deluxe   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       M-IV S Standard   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
   Melody Maker
      [New Model]  
       All American II   [Upload Pic]
       Melody Maker (1963)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Melody Maker Reissue (1986-2000)   [Upload Pic]
       Melody Maker Reissue (2007)   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       Blueshawk   [Upload Pic]
       Challenger I & II   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Corvus   [Upload Pic]
       Futura   [Upload Pic]
       Johnny Smith   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Little Lucille   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Maestro   [Upload Pic]
       Marauder   [Upload Pic]
       Marauder Custom   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Moderne   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Tal Farlow   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       The Hawk   [Upload Pic]
       The Paul II   [Upload Pic]
       Wes Montgomery   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       WRC   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       Nighthawk Custom   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Nighthawk Custom 3   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Nighthawk Custom Floyd   [Upload Pic]
       Nighthawk Landmark   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Nighthawk Special   [Upload Pic]
       Nighthawk Special 3   [Upload Pic]
       Nighthawk Standard   [Upload Pic]
       Nighthawk Standard 3   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Nighthawk Standard Floyd   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       RD Artist   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       RD Custom   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       RD Standard   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       Angus Young Signature SG   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG 61 Reissue   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Classic   [Upload Pic]
       SG Deluxe   [Upload Pic]
       SG Goddess   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Gothic   [Upload Pic]
       SG GT   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Menace   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Pete Townshend Signature   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Select   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Special   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Special Faded 3-Pickup   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Special New Century   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Special Platinum   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Standard   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Studio   [Upload Pic]
       SG Supreme   [Upload Pic]
       SG Supreme P-90   [Upload Pic]
       SG Tony Iommi signature   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Voodoo   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG Zoot Suit   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG-3   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       SG/Les Paul (Gibson Lyre deluxe vibrola)   [Upload Pic]
       Special Faded   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       Sonex 180 Custom   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Sonex 180 Deluxe   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Sonex Artist   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       Spirit I   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Spirit II   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Spirit II XPL   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
   Super 400 CES
      [New Model]  
       Super 400 CES   [Upload Pic]
   Tal Farlow
      [New Model]  
   Trini Lopez
      [New Model]  
       Trini Lopez Deluxe   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
       Trini Lopez Standard   [Update]   [Upload Pic]
      [New Model]  
       Vegas High Roller   [Upload Pic]
       Vegas Standard   [Upload Pic]