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"The name Noso is actually the surname of the maker, Jaakko Noso. He had a guitar factory in Jarvenpaa (a town near Helsinki). I think the factory started after the second world war and stopped production around mid 60´s. This solid electric came out sometimes in mid 50´s, I think. It has a single pickup made by Walchris in Denmark. It has a set neck, quite thick one and no adjustable neck rod (I do not know if there is a bar inside). The body is solid but it is not made from single block, it has separate decks and the acoustic sound of it is quite echoing. The string action is little bit high but not too much and it is somehow playable. I think many Finnish rockers started with these. My guitar (pic) is a little bit modified. The brown square area under the bridge is not original. Somebody had ruined the surface and I had to fix it. It also had just a volume pot. The cord plug was originally some sort of coax type and situated where the upper strap lug is now! The pickguard is made by me but it is near the original one. So, a little bit cheesy but a part of the Finnish guitar making history (another maker here is Landola and that still makes fine guitars). I have no idea how many of these were made but not many around now a days (and I think Noso only made two models of electrics). "
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