Anea: Informations

Japanese (and Korea?) made in the 80s. Similarities and link with Daion.

The below from Jedistar web site:

The American distributor of Daion established and founded the Anea brand.

The Anea was designed in Texas and made in Japan and Korea. Daion went out of business in the middle 80s and I put the Anea name on some of the better models of Daion. Anea is my daughter’s name.
The first ones built were in 1983 and actually had no logo on them. Chet Atkins played one of the first ones with a cedar top. He brought a lot of attention to the guitar and Jim Bowen (Nashvilles biggest producer) then bought 6 and put them in the safe to be used on his productions.
In 1984 we had them made in Japan, in a small shop that I never visited. Because the Daion was doing well I had the Daion name put on the Anea cedar-top acoustic. It replace the Daion 78 and held that name until 1986 when Daion went out. Chet recorded with the guitar under the logo of Daion 78 until he died.
[Source: John Birkhead, email 13/7/2017]