Shaftesbury: Informations

Good quality Japan guitars from the 60s and 70s imported in the UK.

Shaftesbury was the house brand of UK musical instrument distributor Rose Morris: in the same way Selmer commissioned guitars from various sources branded Futurama, Rose Morris ordered guitars from Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom, and sold them under the brand name Shaftesbury.

Rose Morris were already based in London, but had just opened a brand new retail store in Shaftesbury Avenue in September 1967. They handled a number of instrument brands, and had been the exclusive distributor of Rickenbacker guitars in the UK since 1964. However by early 1968 the arrangement was coming to an end. With the new shop in Shaftesbury avenue and few (if any) Rickienbackers to sell, Rose Morris quickly launched the Shaftesbury Rickenbacker-styled guitars...