Fresher: Informations

Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine, by Michael Wright, Posted On: 6/5/2001

"... The Fresher story begins back in 1973 when Fresher guitars were introduced by the Kyowa Company, Ltd., of Nagoya. Nagoya, you'll recall, is one of the principal guitar-making regions in Japan. Kyowa was primarily a trading company, importing products and developing some musical instruments. The company is still in operation, importing Charvel/Jackson, Takamine and Dean Markley products, among others.

Fresher guitars were built by the Matsumoto Musical Instrument Manufacturers' Association, a consortium of suppliers in the Matsumoto region. This organization, by the way, did not include either Fujigen Gakki or Matsumoku, the area's more famous manufacturers..."

"... The Kyowa Company stopped producing Fresher guitars in 1985...".

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