Antonio Aparicio Guitars: Informations

Spanish luthier, based in Valencia, Spain. After more than 35 years of experience as guitarmaker and founder partner of prestigious companies, Antonio Aparicio, has acquired in his new professional step the commitment of reaching the highest quality in the instruments with his signature.

Antonio Aparicio Guitars: Informations on Serial Numbers, dating infos, etc.

Each Antonio Aparicio Guitar includes an International Guarantee certificate. In this document is specified the serie and number of each guitar, and the Luthier's signature.

The quality control includes the confirmation of each component of guitar, the verification of the finish and the sound test.

Each guitar before packing for shipment is tuned and played for a famous guitarplayer with the aim of uncovering any trouble and guarantee the features that we require from all our guitars.

The Signature Series guitar include a hard-case and Model José Manuel Aparicio include a luxe hard-case.

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