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What's GuitarDir?

GuitarDir's idea is to collaboratively create a comprehensive repository of all guitars, specifications, pics, etc. All the brands. All of them. No limits. It sounds big, but it can work.

Guitars are first classified by type (Acoustic, Electric or Bass). Just select the type on the top left pane. Then, on the left pane, they are displayed by Brand, then Series (if the brand is big enough to have series) then Model... The model consists of specs and pics.

The principle here is you can create a new (missing) Brand, Series name, Model, enter the specs and load pictures. Then they are verified, and when validated they become part of GuitarDir. Just that easy.

When a model you know (because you have one, or you know about it) is missing, just create it where it should go (maker, serie). Then, refresh the catalogue and update the specs of the guitar you have just created. Once this is done, the model's name and its specs are visible in the catalogue and can still be updated (even by other people) until it has been reviewed by GuitarDir.com (give us a couple of days). Once reviewed, the model remains of course selectable, but cannot be updated anymore.

For all models, pictures you may upload become visible only after they have been reviewed. For a model, you can upload as many pictures as you wish. Please be careful with the size of the picture: 2M max. Also please do not use a quote nor a slash within the image's name.

If you don't know the brand name, please use the 'UNKNOWN' generic maker in the list.

If you feel a make or a series is missing, please drop me a message in the Forum.

If you want to add a link to a website related to a maker, its production, a fan site, etc, please send a message in the Forum.

Even after they have been reviewed, it's still possible that some specs are missing or erroneous, due to inaccurate sources. In this case, the proper way for fixing the specs consists of sending a message in the Forum.

All that may sound a bit fussy, but two major keywords behind GuitarDir.com are consistency and accuracy. We need the database to be as consistent as possible, and we don't want it to contain garbage or data that would be modified five times a day. We also need it to be accurate, so that it's really useful to everyone.

A major part of GuitarDir.com is also its Forum. Apart from managing the database and improving GuitarDir.com, it can also be useful to discuss about guitar identification, SN's, links, etc... After all, guitars are all that matters here.

At this stage, GuitarDir.com is more a project than an enterprise governed by strict rules. If you feel some process could be improved, please do not hesitate to use the Forum to let us know.

Thank you for joining and contributing!