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Glossary of terms used when updating specifications:

Notes: Please enter all information you're sure about. If there's any doubt: please note so in the 'comment'-boxes. If you don't know: leave it blank or enter 'unknown'.
Made inGuitar's country of origin (where it has been made, actually). Thank you for letting us know when a country is missing!
General CommentGeneral comments about this model.
Start YearThe year the production of this model started.
End YearThe year the production of this model ended.
SN LocationWhere is usually located the serial number. For example, back of the head, neck plate, etc.
Nb ManufacturedNumber of instruments produced, useful for a short run by instance.
Last Retail PriceLast known street price, not the price you paid for it! Please also mention the currency (ex: US$).
TypeAllows you to choose among a list of possible ones. Please use 'Unknown' when you don't know, and 'Other' when it's not in the list.
ShapeAllows you to choose among a list of shapes. Well-known (not to say historic) shapes are provided.
HeadlessIs the head absent in this model (tuners are then usually located near the bottom of the body, but could also be elsewhere).
Head CommentsHead-related comments (veneer, shape, etc).
Reversed HeadAllows to specify whether the guitar has an inverted head or not (when the head is 'inverted', tuners are then in-raw, on the treble-side of the guitar).
Tuning MachinesTuning machines comments: brand, gear-ratio, buttons shape, finish, etc.
Inlaid HeadDoes the head contain inlays or other inserts.
Inlays CommentHead inlays related comments (material, shape, etc).
Nb fretsNumber of frets. Please do not include the possible zero-fret.
Neck CommentNeck-related comments: materials, if it's a laminated one, shape or other details.
Nut materialAllows you to pick the material used for the nut.
Zero-FretTo indicate if the guitar has a zero-fret (just below the nut, forming then the real starting point for calculating the scale).
Neck settingChoose among the possible settings: The neck can be glued (set-neck), bolt onto the body (bolt-on), or through the body (through body; in this case, the neck forms the central part of the body, which also contains two glued sides).
Laminated NeckTo indicate whether the guitar has a one-piece neck (only one piece of wood), or a laminated neck, formed of different pieces of wood glued together (in the length direction) to offer a better resistance and rigidity. Warning: If the neck is formed of two parts as it's sometimes the case in modern industrial processing (the head is glued to the neck), it must not be considered as a laminated one if it's formed of one material in one piece.
Neck materialChoose here the material used for the neck. Please use the neck-comments to detail if the neck is laminated.
Fingerboard materialChoose here the material used for the fingerboard.
Neck BindingIs the neck bound?
Inlaid FingertouchIs the fingerboard inlayed (dots, blocks, other)?
Inlays CommentFingerboard Inlays-related comments. Enter here the fingerboard inlays shape, material, etc.
Neck radiusPlease indicate here the camber (radius) of the fingerboard.
Body widthThe maximal width is expected here.
Body CommentBody-related comments, when the woods are used in a way that cannot be described with the specs form, or to give specific features.
Strings ThruAre the strings traversing the body?
f-(or other) HolesIs there one or more holes?
Holes CommentTo give specific details about holes (shape, location, diameter, etc).
Body BindingIs the body bound?
Body MaterialTo use when the body is made of (only) one material. In this case, it's safe to leave other body material fields to 'Unknown'.
Body Top MaterialMaterial used for the body top. If not applicable, please leave as 'Unknown'.
Body Middle MaterialMaterial used for the middle part of the body, when the body is made of different layers. If not applicable, please leave as 'Unknown'.
Body Back MaterialMaterial used for the back of the body, for a (semi-)hollow or an acoustic, for example. If not applicable, please leave as 'Unknown'.
Body Side MaterialMaterial used for the sides of the body, when the guitar is a (semi-)hollowbody, an acoustic, or when it's a neck-trhough construction (body wings). If not applicable, please leave as 'Unknown'.
PickguardIs there a pickguard?
Pickguard CommentPickguard-related comments: colour, number of layers, material, etc.
Mikes ConfigStarting from the neck-pickup, gives the pickup(s) configuration via a letters combination: (H)umbucker, (S)ingle-coil, (P)iezo. For example, a fat strat is SSH, a usual LP is HH, etc.
Electronics CommentTo provide additional details about electronics: special circuitry, other controls, etc.
Microphones CommentTo provide additional comments about pickups: brand, model, etc.
Nb Volume ControlsNumber of volume control(s).
Nb Tone ControlsNumber of tone control(s).
Pick-Up SelectorWhen the guitar has two or more pickups, is there a pickup selector?
Pick-Up Sel Nb PositionsNumber of positions for the pickup switch above.
Tap/Coil CapableIs the guitar features tap-coil?
Tap/Coil Push/PullIs tap-coil obtained with a push/pull?
Phase Switching CapableCan pickups be put out of phase?
PiezzoIs there a piezzo or a transducer?
Piezzo CommentPiezzo or transducer related comments: preamp features, etc.
Active ElectronicsIs there active electronics (do we need a batterie to make her scream?!)?
Hardware CommentHardware related comments (finish, colour, materials, etc).
One-piece bridge/stopIs the bridge also act as a stop-bar (as with most trems, for instance)?
Bridge CommentBridge related comments (brand, finish, features, etc).
TremoloIs there a tremolo?
Tremolo CommentTremolo related comments (brand, finish, features, etc).
Stop/Tail CommentComments about stop-bar or tail.
NotesAllows to enter free text to add comments and specific datas or story about the model.

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